Today on Lightrail: Mixed Berry Sangria

Today on Lightrail: Mixed Berry Sangria

So part of my day-to-day is the commute from my home to work on the Sacramento Lightrail. The Gold Line literally stops three blocks from my home and drops me off right behind my place of work. Simple, yes, but I still detest it. Most of my life I either drove to work, which afforded me the freedom to run errands on breaks or at the end of the work day, or I rode my bike and that gave me the benefit of exercise.

Sadly, working in Downtown Sacramento, there is zero parking. Not a single spot nearby. I know a few people who park 10 to 12 blocks away and get in to the office a whole hour early, but that's not something I'm down with. Plus, the cost for using the meters everyday is astronomical. Biking to work just isn't feasible. I'd be waking up at 4AM and arrive looking like I fell down a few flights of the ugliest stairs. I'm currently on a lottery wait list for a parking spot nearby, but considering there are people who have been on it for years my hopes are low.

So I take (shudder) public transportation.

It's not all bad. It runs on time. It's relatively clean. I've gotten caught up on a lot of reading I've been meaning to do. (Reading Ray Bradbury's, The Illustrated Man, now. Next, a guide on how to import wine. Attempted Danielewski's, House of Leaves, but it's not a book tailored for 25 minute bursts of reading and will save it for later.) However, it's the people that are so... unique.

I.e., they are fucking batshit insane. Bonkers. Full on coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, assuming Cocoa Puffs is code for heroin.

As such, I've taken to chronicling my observations on Facebook, some samples of which are below...

Today on Lightrail: Man doesn't hold on to anything and when the train starts launches him into the bench I and another rider are sitting in. We forgive. Everyone makes mistakes. No harm done. At the next stop he is still not holding anything and tumbles into us again. We give advice that perhaps he try to secure his person. #slowlearners #mylapisnotyourseat #stayoutofmybubble

Today on Lightrail: Okay, so we're just openly smoking homemade bongs at the station now? We've decided this is cool? Just checking...

Today on Lightrail: "I have a job interview today at Bank of America," he beamed, and seemingly unaware that the entire train was now sticky with the reek of pot rushing off of him. #interviewskills #nailedit #nowimskunkytoo

Today on Lightrail: Lady pontificates on why the earth is flat. Claims that if the world was a ball wouldn't all life simply slip off and then fall into space forever?

Today on Lightrail: New driver? Every stop is a sudden, jolting, fling you from the seat stop followed by a slow crawl to the ADA platform. Every passenger is now bracing before every stop and new passengers are learning quickly to hold the fuck on to something.

Today on Lightrail: Young whippersnapper purposely moves as fast as possible to take a seat that a elderly woman with a cane was very visibly trying to get to. Is publicaly shamed by another man nearby. Emboldened, other passengers vocally agree that he was rude. Young man tries to ignore everyone and does not move. Another passenger gives up their seat to the woman and, in doing so, shames the young man right then and there. The rest of the ride the young man is bombarded with so much negative energy it likely rendered him impotent. Here's hoping.

It continues.

Also, yes, I have been absent from the blog. Once again I have been writing for other people with what little free time I have. However, I have posted a fabulous red wine sangria recipe. Yes, one hardly needs a recipe for sangria: cheap red wine, brandy, OJ, fruit. So easy and so easy to customize. I always add berries to mine because, well, I love berries.

However, if you want the basic ratios I would mosey over to Simply Recipes where you can grab it. Fabulous photos by the talented Elise Bauer, naturally.

Ideally, I could use a thermos of sangria for when I'm on the Lightrail but sadly drinking at your desk is considered "unacceptable." At least I know it'll be at home waiting for me.

Photo Credit: Elise Bauer. I love her, but I also hate her for her photography skills. Ugh.

Photo Credit: Elise Bauer. I love her, but I also hate her for her photography skills. Ugh.

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Training: Brown Sugar Irish coffee