Training: Brown Sugar Irish coffee

Training: Brown Sugar Irish coffee

If there's been one major adjustment I have had to make with the start of this new job it would definitely be the commute and schedule.

For the past many years I've had a rather flexible schedule in that as long as I essentially put in around 40 hours and got my work done no one much cared or said anything. The average day I would come in around 8, work through my lunch, and leave around 3:30 or 4 depending how productive I was. I could come and go for errands, doctor appointments, or if I had a lunch with friends planned and would adjust my hours accordingly. I often took work outside to the park or simply brought it home when the office was chaotic and distracting. Still, I got my work done and having my car meant the ability to flit here and there as work and life demanded.

In addition, by leaving early I had time to hit the gym before it got crazy and still get home with time to cook, relax, or write. It was super chill and I was able to meet my goals in all life areas. Neat, right?

That freedom and flitting? The neatness? Gone. Dead. Up-frickin-ended. 

I commute by train now. TRAIN. Like a plebeian. One of the masses. Ugh... my WASP-y inclinations literally cause me to cringe at a genetic level. Call it privilege, but this adjustment is killing me.

I am now up at 6 AM with 50 minutes to get ready, 10 minute walk to the train station, 30 minute train ride, arrive 20 minute before 8 AM to work, 1 hour lunch (don't skip it, drone; don't you god damn dare or else the union you are now a part of as well as HR will have words and they will be very well documented words), off at 5, train ride and walk back home. By the time I'm home about 5:50 I then have to get to the gym (drive and gym time about 90 minutes) make dinner, and - OH LOOK! - time for bed. No Netflix or writing or socializing for me because I have to be up at 6 AM tomorrow to repeat the process.


Kill me.

Plus, not having my car means doctor appointments are far more difficult to figure out and get to and errands are pretty much right out. And, no, there is no parking nearby. I'm on two separate lotteries for the nearby garages. 

How will I go on? How do people do this?

I've been bringing coffee with me on my commute. Using my advanced human brain and the internet I figured out how to set the timer on my Mr. Coffee and now bring a large thermos of barely creamed and scantly sugared fuel with me. At work it is then immediately refilled with round two from a Keurig followed by an assortment of herbal and black teas through the afternoon. The underlying goal is to absorb enough caffeine that I can simply fly to work by flapping my arms. (Almost there!)

Admittedly, I've been tempted to do Irish coffee. After all, who would know? But I'm an honorable type and hard liquor at 7 AM on a Tuesday is just a bit much even for me. I'll wait for a martini at lunch like a normal person thankyouverymuch. 

Shame, considering I have such a good recipe. You'll have to go here for it. You really should. It is a recipe that'll love you like a rescue puppy. 

So, now, off to the gym. Got to make up for the Irish coffee I'm not having time to drink and the regular weekday sessions I no longer have.



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