FOMO: Persimmon & Sake Cocktail

FOMO: Persimmon & Sake Cocktail

I'm disappointed in myself today. I let someone hurt my feelings. Not that anyone hurled angry words at me. No sticks involved and certainly no stones. There was no online abuse; or, at least the smart use of keeping my profiles private has kept it at bay if there is any to be had and I am sure there is, thank you, internet. My drive to the market was peaceful and I wasn't yelled at, flipped off or cut off.

No. In fact, nothing was actually done to me at all. Rather, I was left out. Possibly ignored. Potentially forgotten. I have no idea if by accident or with intent.

Simply enough, I was not invited. And I feel a bit petty towards myself that I even feel at all slighted.

What's even worse is that I know that in the grand scheme of polite and the always more fun impolite society it's really nothing. A transitory case of FOMO.

The background:

I did a solid for a few people some weeks ago. Casual acquaintances at best, but overall it seemed like it was a nice chance to get to know these people a bit better. A good time was had. Everyone got to chat. All was right. 

At the end of the night invitations were cordially extended, which I accepted. I accepted because I'm trying to get out a bit more. Overcome my anxiety. Go a night sans escape with the goal to spend less time hiding on the bathroom floor in the dark waiting for the Xanax to kick in.

So, success! How kind! Not bosom buddies yet but the interest to grow the individual relationship with another human being is there. The chance to reflect on and grow with and learn from a unique individual. Huzzah and such!

Yay for social awkwardness.

Yay for social awkwardness.

Time passes. The details of the invite don't come. I inquire about details and my questions die in stale air. The date arrives and still nothing.

So then on social media, because of course it has to be social media, I see everyone there. I was disinvited via silence, and isn't that the messenger we prefer when we're the ones to deliver it?

And shouldn't I be over this? I had my share of this bullshit in grade school and high school but didn't we all socially agree at one point to leave this sort of eye roll-inducing behavior there? When I give out invitations I make a point of following up on them. I keep the plans I make and never ask someone to join me at a party or meal without the express point of actually following up. I want people to know that my word means something.

My words are never inconsequential.

So there we go. I'm 33 and someone made me feel bad. Probably unintentionally. Probably because they were raised or trained or through terrible socialization cues bred in a terribly gossipy gay culture that pretty words are just that and you say them because it feels so very nice at the time to do so.

But let's be honest. I'm really encouraging myself to feel bad. How lame is that?

So I'm writing this all out to slap myself in the face for whining that people I barely know did something careless. And that's fine. Certainly not polite, but so it is.

Feeling this is in fact kind of normal. No one fully grows out of these feelings and as much as we want to we never leave it all completely on the playground.

...Stupid feelings.

I'mma drink a cocktail and read a book in front my fireplace with my corgi now. Later on I have people who I actually know and like coming over for s'mores. So, you know...

I'll get over it.


Persimmon & Sake Cocktail

Not all drinks need or have to have a pretty name. This one is so obscure and using such niche ingredients that we're going to go the pastry menu tradition and just call it what it is. A persimmon and sake cocktail.

Admittedly, you need to have a juicer for the persimmons. You could use a blender and then pass the puree through a few layers of cheesecloth instead but it might not be quite as fine a juice. Still, it will absolutely do.

The etrog liqueur came from Sukkah Hill Spirits. Again, they sent me the samples and I enjoyed them enough to use them in posts. Frankly, I love this spirit. Sweet and floral along the lines of St. Germain in that it could easily become a bartender's ketchup.

This is certainly a sweet drink with lots of floral, fruity flavors. Sake is delicate and easily gets blown out by strong flavors. Persimmon has such a subtlety to it that it makes for a perfect pairing. The etrog simply gives a bit of balance between the two.

What You'll Need...

  • splash of Sukkah Hill Spirits Etrog Liqueur
  • 2 ounces sake (I used Hatsumago Junmai)
  • 1/2 ounce persimmon juice
  • 1 shake Peychaud's Bitters
  • freshly grated nutmeg for garnish

What You'll Do...

Place a small amount of the etrog liqueur in a Nick-n-Nora or other cocktail glass and wash it around the interior. Discard any extra.

In an ice-filled shaker place the sake, persimmon juice, and bitters. Shake well and double strain into the glass. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg and serve. Sip and make dinner plans with your bestie.

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