Welcome to Coupe de Grâce.

Sit down. Chill out. Have a drink. You deserve it.

Two gimlets in and turning the garnish into a dapper boutiniere. (And failing.)

Two gimlets in and turning the garnish into a dapper boutiniere. (And failing.)


About Me

Hey there, I'm Garrett McCord. Pleased to meet you.

For about ten years I wrote a blog called, Vanilla Garlic. It was my home and happy place. Sometimes, however, you outgrow your home and you find yourself consumed with the overwhelming need to move.

Coupe de Grâce is that move. I wanted a place to be a bit less reserved in my words and where I could simultaneously explore the craft cocktail world.

When I'm not here I work doing marketing, recipe development, content creation, and copyediting for numerous food, wine, and spirit companies. I love doing it and you can read more about that and those services at GarrettMcCord.com.

In addition, I work as a freelance writer and as a cookbook author. My first book, Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese was a bestseller, and I'm quite proud of that. My freelance writing has been featured in the New York Times, Smithsonian, Epicurious, The Sacramento Bee, Gourmet, and many other nifty places.

About Coupe de Grâce

I've always loved a good cocktail, but I became truly fascinated with them when I wrote my second cookbook, Stewards of Spirits: A Collection of Sacramento Cocktails and the People Who Make Them. (Releasing August 2016.)

The pure alchemy of it all fascinated me. Having worked in pastry kitchens and worked as a professional recipe developer and food writer, I found that craft cocktails have a certain magic to them. A shaken mix of careful consideration and whimsy. It's a realm of cooking that requires thinking outside of the box and a mastery of basic principles to effectively execute your vision. 

So, with a desire to write with abandon in a fashion I doubt my elders would necessarily approve of and a want to explore the spirit world, I launched this blog to spill the tea, tell stories overheard at the bar, and share unique cocktails that will hopefully make your own stories all the more memorable.

Coupe de Grâce is also photographed using my iPhone. I find this allows me the opportunity to be more spontaneous and show real life cocktail culture, while not chaining myself to a DSLR camera and hours tinkering with Adobe or dozens of props.

About You

Yes, you figure into this equation. After all, you're here. I assume you're intelligent, fun to be around, morally sound, sexually unsound (and proud of it), use coarse language that your mother has expressed concern about, and enjoy a more-than-occasional tipple.

I'm super happy you're here. Now pour yourself a drink and enjoy yourself.

A Quick Note

Coupe de Grâce is copyright 2016. All content is owned by Garrett McCord. Don't be a dick by stealing my work. Instead, please ask for permission before using recipes or images. You might be surprised by the answer. Thank you!