Shots Shots Shots et al: Green Molly

I don't recall the first shot that I ever did, only that I did a lot of them. And, technically, I don't necessarily even recollect the actual act of doing them.

In fact, the only thing I do remember was waking up in a bedroom I didn't recognize. After peeking out the window and seeing the physics building I was able to gather that I was in the dorms on the southeast side of the campus. 

Comeback: Cherry Balsamic Shrub

"There's a man outside selling coke," says C as she saddles up to me and pulls a long sip from my drink. She doesn't need to ask and she knows that and I know that but,  dear lord, I do find pink lipstick on a glass irritating. Mainly because it's not a shade I care for. (Not that I wear lipstick, but, people, aesthetics!)